Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Well hello there :)

It's been 6 months since I posted last. Yadda yadda yadda. I never know what to say when I come back after not posting for a significant amount of time. This time's been the longest though, by far.

Life got in the way. For a long time I felt like I didn't have anything positive to contribute so I didn't show up at all. Life's been one hell of a roller coaster for a while now- and I inadvertently ordered the fast pass ticket. You know, the one that buys you unlimited rides ahead of the hundreds that have been waiting in line for two hours. So I rode and rode and rode.
But the ride broke. Or I finally just got off...not quite sure yet.

I think I got my blog mojo back though. I'm so ready. I've got a list of post ideas, and i'm gonna start posting DIY/tutorials again.

I'm happy to be back :)

this feels good...

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Since I can't ever seem to put a post together these days, here's a bunch of randomness.
Ready. Set. GO!

+ it's crazy to think of how different my life is now from only two months ago. living back in Illinois, at home, is, well, different. it was very very VERY hard to make the decision to come back here, but in my heart it was the right thing to do. i am going through a pretty bad custody battle with Porter's dad and while i wish i could talk more about it here, i don't think it's the best idea right now. maybe someday i can. side note- i'm living about an hour and a half from where i grew up. my mom got remarried while i was away at college and moved here.
+ Porter started preschool last week. he's going to a catholic school and i'm really happy with it. he did great the first day, but cries now when i drop him off (apparently he stops as soon as i leave according to the teacher, so that's good). he seems to be really liking it. he tells me what he did and talks about his friends in his class and he's learning :)
+ i am contemplating getting a new phone, and switching it up to something other than an iPhone. which is crazy talk for me, ha. you see, when i got my first iPhone (6ish years ago?), it was my first smartphone. i went from a POS to an awesome iPhone, haha. so i've never felt comfortable with any of the other ones. i would really like a phone with a bigger screen. i just feel like i want something new and would go with the flow of my life right now, ha.
+ i got a new job when i moved back and i really like it. it's the people i work with that makes it enjoyable, and i'm making friends and it's awesome. a couple of us are going to a concert in chicago in october and i'm really excited. like, really REALLY excited.
+ Porter is going back to Colorado next week for two weeks and i don't know how i'm going to manage that. i've never been away from him for more than a few days at a time (when he's been with his dad). i'm going to miss him so much. i feel my heart aching even sitting here thinking about it and writing it down. i'm so sad already :(

Monday, July 28, 2014

Oh Snap Sunday || one

I am going to start posting a few pictures from my Instagram feed here, hopefully every Sunday!
I started a new account about a month ago, come follow me there if you'd like, I seem to post there way more often than here, although I'm going to try coming back here more often now. 
A lot (like, A LOT a lot) has changed in my life, and I want to fill everyone in as soon as I can.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


While we've been busy with moving and a trip to IL for me and Porter and a trip to Kansas for Porter, we've still had plenty of chances to do fun things out and about around here, as well as at home too.

**cardboard garage (plus number matching)
**chicago hot dogs and salerno butter cookies. best lunch in a long long time (in colorado!)
**driveway chalk art
**water balloons in the pool
**date to the rockies game
**park splash pad
**sunset over the rockies at the baseball game

Monday, April 28, 2014


I was thinking about it the other day, about how i'm never on my computer anymore, like, ever. I got rid of Facebook a few months ago and didn't look back (until the other day when I signed in to show someone a picture of another friend and haven't gone back on to deactivate it again). I've been finding that I don't even Instagram daily like I used to.
I think I hit a wall when it comes to social media. For me, I was wasting way too much time on it. Things people were saying irritated me to no end. I got sick of reading about everything everyone thinks. Don't get me wrong, my favorite thing to do is get to know people and have amazing conversations and hear their opinions about whatever. But with social media, people's lives and opinions are thrown in your face over and over. I don't think we are meant to know everything about everyone. I don't think it's good. 
At least it's not for me. Maybe it's selfish to not really care about all of it? I don't know. Where do you draw the line though? 

Anyway, i've come to realize that I'll always have this blog, but just not all of the other social media that comes along with it. So on that note, here's some pics from the last month or so. We're happy and having lots of fun :) 

 My little pirate.
 A friend's wedding at Red Rocks Chapel. Such an awesome venue and an amazing night!
I wore these heels to said wedding and i've never ONCE in my life been able to wear a pair of heels all night long. These baby's were on my feet from 3:30pm until 2am and did not hurt AT ALL. I'm so excited that I have heels that I love that are actually comfy!
 My two favorite people at Dave and Buster's.
On Deb's deck, pretending I know how to golf, ha. 
Nick showing Porter how to golf.
My first MMA fight ever. That shits crazy. Especially the girls. I literally had to turn my head away a few times.
 At Big Time (a trampoline place) with some friends. I promise Porter was actually happy, haha.
See, told ya. What a little ham :)