Sunday, May 10, 2015

the last year did happen...promise

Well I just logged onto my blog and realized that the last year's (years? or years'? or year's? Which is it?) worth of posts are gone. What the hell. I know I haven't blogged a ton in the last year, but still. I'm kinda really pissed. They're nowhere and I just spent an hour looking for them and they're just gone. Has this happened to anyone else?? WHERE ARE MY POSTS???

Anyway. I'm gonna not think about that for now because fuck. That just sucks.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, and I told Porter that that means he has to do everything I say and clean the house for me and he agreed ;)

I plan to use Popsicles for bribery #sorrynotsorry

I'll let you all know how that pans out...

He needs a haircut so bad. But I hate getting his hair cut. So much.

He's only had three haircuts ever. And all three times I showed the hairdresser a picture of how I want it to look and every time it's looked nothing like the pic. It's never been horrible, but it's never been how I wanted it to be! His hair has pretty much always been long. His dad's hair is long. His Grandpa's hair is long. It's normal to him. He loves his hair long. He is very persistent that he doesn't want to cut it.

I've talked to my mom about how he's always sweeping his hair from his eyes, and now when I mention to him that we need to get his hair cut he makes a point to tell me that he LIKES to do this* *the motion I made to show my mom what he does to get his hair out of his eyes.

But I really dislike listening to people tell me that he needs to get his hair cut.
And people that call him a girl. I don't correct them much anymore. I tend to make a point to say something that requires me to say the word "he" or "him" after someone refers to him as a girl, but lately, after I refer to him that way, i've noticed that I don't often even look to see if they then realize he's a boy.

We'll see what happens when he starts having to correct people himself- if he'll want to cut his hair or not. I have a feeling he's gonna do what he wants regardless of what anyone else thinks. I just see it in his personality...

Sunday, March 2, 2014

My hand...

I'm gonna run with that.
My handwriting, the way I walk, my china pattern...
is right here.
This place is my self portrait.

And you may or may not be seeing more Chuck around here because, well, he has an interesting way of thinking, and it's one I kinda like...

Thursday, February 13, 2014


 These three. They may all look sad, but I promise they're not.
 His hair. It's long enough for a pony again :) He spent the next half hour feeling it and giggling, then wanted it out. I'm so torn about the hair situation. I love it long most of the time, but sometimes his hair is all fluffy and looks so funny. I've been contemplating a little faux hawk. But I know as soon as I cut his hair again i'll have that "buyers remorse" feeling like I did last time. That "what the hell did I just do????" feeling. That feeling sucks. 
 The kid sweats more than anyone I know. He wakes up from naps soaking wet asking to take his shirt off because it's literally half sopping wet. Hopefully he'll outgrow it?
This girl. She's the best. I don't have a lot of girlfriends (or really friends, in general) but I appreciate her more than she probably even knows. Even though she's bossy. Really bossy. But the best part is is that i'm also bossy, so I can respect that :) Haha. Love you Bobbi!!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hehe Valentine's Cards

Valentine's Day is like, 3 days away. Woohoooo.
Not really. I'll be working all night, so there's that.

Buuuuut, to get in the spirit (or something?) I found some really funny Valentine's cards.
Enjoy :)
 It looks more like her eyes are digging into my soul...
 No words. Just none...
 What exactly is happening here? Who's ashes are in there? A woman he didn't trust? Haha.
 She wants to bang. Pretty obvious.
 Haha, the word beaver just makes me laugh.
 Just blow her already.
Ridin' high.