Sunday, March 25, 2012


Ok, so we've had the internet for about a week now, and i've only posted twice since then.

Umm. Honestly? I've not had much motivation for blogging lately. I mean, I wish I did...I just don't. When I have free time- which isn't that often being as I am really busy being a mom by myself now, and i've also started working too- I always find something else to do. Like making cool things for my new room, or organizing things, or hanging out with my roomie. This is the first time i've even opened my computer in two days.

I suppose when life settles more and I get used to managing my time between being a mom and working, and once our house is all the way put together...I will probably be back here as much as I was previously. But until then, don't be surprised if i'm not posting every single day.

PS Porter's birthday party is next Saturday, so i'll be getting that ready this week. Look for pic next week!!


  1. Takes a bit to get used to huh! My blog has been abandoned on many occasions now because after work and hanging with buba, there's just no time/energy!! Your doing Amazing!! :)

  2. Congrats on the move!! And everything will fall back into place once you get settled in. :)